Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday December 14

All classes had reading comprehension tests today in music. 
Spanish class: there is a test tomorrow on AR verb spellings, you gave me your list in English already.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday Dec 13


We worked more today on adverbs and AR verbs.  We did workbook p 37 #19,20 aloud and then #21 was handed in.  Students made a list of the English for the 15 AR verbs they chose from text p 109 and their notes for the test tomorrow and handed it in to me.  Do NOT choose ayudar as we were already tested on it. We then took the notes below:


French 10  

We worked more on ideas and then on dictionary work.  Homework is to have at least 25 of your french words sorted into picture 1 or picture 2 for use in your notebooks.

French 8

We finished some deep thinking on the article from yesterday.  Super work!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday Dec 12

French 8  

We did the reading activity about school that is in a link below Monday's blog.  Awesome, we will finish it up and deepen our ideas tomorrow.


We went over homework today with a partner to check for errors or misunderstandings before handing it in for marks.  We then took notes on adverbs and did an activity on text p 112 to practice.  We extended that to write about students in this class and then checked that on the board.  No homework.

French 10

We built our word lists today and then did dictionary work for our journal entries.

 These last two photos are of pages from Paul Meggs' FSL survival guide:

Monday Dec 11

French 8 

We went over activity #6 on page 102, looking at avoir forms and plurals of the nouns:
Tu as  deux livres et une trousse.
We then took notes on AVOIR expressions:
At this point we went into the text and did #7 and 8 aloud on page 103.  We listened to the AVOIR song on youtube.  Then we started on activity 9 on page 104.  Students are writing only one statement for each question.
Exemple:  Alexandre a besoin d'étudier.
                  Sophie et Karine n'ont pas besoin d'étudier.


Today we started with the vocabulary quiz on school items.  We then did a puzzle.  After, we worked on the AR verb endings and meanings.  We did two board activities and marked them.  We then moved on to the workbook.  P 37 #14,15 please write the sentence and the meaning of the verb in English.

French 10

We worked on little words.  We did a worksheet and then marked it.  See me if you were away.  We then started listing words and ideas for our projects.

fr 8 reading entry

Do NOT read the document below. Open it and then follow these directions:

Look at the pictures and scan for words you recognize.  Using that information,
guess the main ideas that you gather in the boxes given.  You may not feel that you have much to write, but each word helps.

Click here

1.    If I try to help Prudence and her family, what effects might that have?

2.     If my community tries to help Prudence and her family, what effects might that have?

3.   If Canadians try  to help Prudence and her family, what effects might that have?

4.     If no one tries to help Prudence and her family, what effects might that have?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Friday Dec 8

French 10  

We talked about sentences today and our challenges.  Its time to raise the bar.  We then used the chrome books to create a google doc and choose 2 photos max to use for our travel journals.  Students were asked to title the document "Mon voyage" and paste the link for it as a comment on Fresh Grade.
We then did a reading about an alternate mode of travel. We used a reading tracker to sort what we understood and then shared with our group.
Click here
Make a group of 4 when asked to do so.  Each member chooses a colour.
Then for the colour you choose, please answer the following question on the back of your reading tracker:

Jaune :  Comment est-ce que ta décision de voyager comme Hugh va affecter le monde?
Bleu :  Comment est-ce que la décision de ta communauté de voyager comme Hugh va affecter le monde?
Orange:   Comment est-ce que la décision de tous les Canadiens de voyager comme Hugh va affecter le monde?
Vert: Comment est-ce que ne pas faire la décision de voyager comme Hugh va affecter le monde?
Answering your question in English/French is your homework.  If you were away, answer the orange question.

French 8  

We started with text p 100 naming items in the class and then saying where they are.  Students made up 5 sentences about items on their table.  We then worked on the forms of the verb AVOIR.  We put the forms from text p 101 onto our verb chart.  We did #5,6 on text p102 in class and for homework.


We put the vocab test off until Monday.  We did a reading about school in Mexico.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday Dec 7

Spanish  French 10  French 8  

We had music.  There will be a test on reading comprehension of a reading sheet next week.

Wednesday Dec 6

French 8  

We worked on the classroom words today.  We used a memory game to practice them.  We got a vocab list and add


We worked on classroom materials using the puzzles and we did a class size puzzle.  We then went to work on practicing those items by doing the activities on workbook page 35 aloud.  We then compiled a list of items we thought were necessary to a traveling international student.  We will have a test on those items tomorrow.

French 10

I collected the Christmas sentences.  Students then worked on what would be on a travel blog.